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Modes of payment
Impossibility to make the payment within the allotted time
Consequences of defaulting a payment
Permit suspended for non-payment of fine  
Change of address
Tariff in penal matter

Modes of payment

The payments can be made:

  • BY MAIL, by sending a cheque or money order made out to the City of Chateauguay at the following address:
    Cour municipale commune de Châteauguay
    265, boulevard D’Anjou, bureau 101
    Châteauguay (Québec) J6J 5J9
  • AT THE COUNTER of the Municipal court, in cash or with a debit card;
  • AT MOST FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS or on their website (if you are a subscriber) but only during a period of 30 days following the date of notification of the notice of infraction. The City will not assume any responsibility if you pay after the deadline or if the amount of your payment is inaccurate.   
  • VIA INTERNET on the City of Chateauguay website through CONSTATS EXPRESS;

For all payments made on line or at financial institutions, the complete payment in each dossier is required. Please be sure of the exact amount to be paid and indicate the number of the notice or case when you transmit your payment. 

If your driver's permit is already suspended for non-payment of a fine, you do not have the right to drive and all vehicles licensed in your name are forbidden to circulate. Please make sure that the suspension of your permit has been lifted with the SAAQ before you drive again. SAAQ : 514.873.7620.   

For all information requests regarding the payment, do not hesitate to communicate with municipal court staff at 450.698.3246..

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Impossibility of making payment within the allotted time

If it is impossible to pay the fine and court fees within the allotted time indicated, you can ask the collector of fines:

  • to grant you an additional delay or a deferred mode of payment;
  • to give you permission to pay off the fine and fees by doing compensatory work, but only in the case where it is absolutely impossible for you to pay the fine and fees, and you have no assets that can be seized.

Please note that these methods could be granted  if your financial situation justifies and if you make the request by presenting yourself at the municipal court after making an appointment with the collector of fines.

A financial evaluation will be made without delay. Bring your supporting documents with you (salary slip, proof of government benefits, bank account, etc.)

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Consequences of defaulting payment

Default to make your payment within the allotted time or of coming to an arrangement with the collector of fines will result in having your driver's permit or your right to obtain one suspended for non-payment of a fine, if you are found guilty of an infraction of the Highway Safety Code or of a municipal traffic or parking bylaw. 

Your assets or your salary will also be liable to seizure.

If you have no seizable assets or if you refuse to do compensatory work, a sentence of imprisonment could be pronounced. 

Please note that additional fees will apply to each procedure.


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Since May 16, 2004, if you refuse to pay fines for infractions of the Quebec Highway Safety Code or a municipal traffic or parking bylaw, you will no longer be able to have them nullified by being incarcerated, since the right of issuing mandates of imprisonment for these types of infractions has been abolished. 

If it is proven that you deliberately refuse to pay your fines, you will be liable to a sentence of imprisonment for a  maximum of two years, less one day. 


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Permit suspended for non-payment of fines

If your permit is suspended for non-payment of fines, in order to reacquire your right to drive you must transmit to the municipal court a certified cheque or money order in payment of the entire amount due or, if you present yourself in person, you must pay the outstanding balance in cash or with a debit card.

Don't forget to confirm your balance BEFORE transmitting your payment, by communicating with the municipal court at 450.698.3246, since additional fees could be be added.

A notice of payment will then be issued and transmitted to the Quebec Automobile Insurance Society (SAAQ) and the suspension of your driver's permit will be lifted, as long as your permit is not already under suspension by another court. 

If you want to accelerate the process of reinstating your permit, you will have to present yourself at an SAAQ office with the document issued by the municipal court at the time of payment. 

When the collector of fines notifies the SAAQ that fines are unpaid by a given driver, the SAAQ  imposes the following sanctions:

  • suspension of the driver's permit or the right to obtain one;
  • a ban on licensing a vehicle following a purchase or rental;
  • a ban on driving a vehicle registered in the name of this driver or allowing someone else to drive it;
  • a ban on selling the vehicle because the new owner will not be able to obtain its licence or registration.

Please note: The person who stores away his vehicle during the prohibition period, will see the amount credited to the payment of the outstanding fines. Once the fines are totally paid, the collector of fines will notify the SAAQ and all sanctions for non-payment of fines will then be lifted.

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Change of address

If you have an active dossier at the Chateauguay district municipal court, please keep us informed of any change of address enabling us to contact you at all stages of your case. A change of address at the SAAQ is not sufficient,  as we are two distinct entities. 

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Tariff in penal matters

The judicial tariff in penal matters, c. C-25.1, r.2, is applied at each stage of a dossier. Don't forget to confirm your outstanding balance BEFORE transmitting your payment by communicating with the municipal court at 450-698-3246, since additional costs could be added.

Judicial tariff in penal matters, L.R.Q. c. C-25.1, r.6 

Bylaw on certain judicial costs in penal matters applicable to people aged under 18, L.R.Q. c. C-25.1, r.3

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