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Playing fields

District no. 1

De la Noue

Jules-Léger Park;
  Location : Rideau Street
  Vocation : softball, barge, parking

  * Dogs held in leash allowed

MacDonell Park;
  Location : Birch Street, near Robert Est Street
  Vocation : children’s playground
  Former name : Birch Park

  * Dogs held in leash allowed

William-Meldrum Park;
  Location : Carlyle Ouest Street
  Vocation : tennis, barge
  Former name : Carlyle Park

Oliver Park;
  Location : at the intersection of Maple and Stanton Est streets
  Vocation : children’s playground, slides, vegetation, barge, parking
  Former name : de la Terrasse Park

Pelletier Park;
  Location : Pelletier street
  Vocation : children’s playground, slides, vegetation, barge, parking

Ranger Park;
  Location : du Parc-Ranger and des Violettes streets
  Vocation : vegetation

District no. 2

Du Filgate

Philippe Bonneau Park;
  Location : Craik and Théberge streets
  Vocation : children’s playground, water games, softball, barge
  Official opening: 15th of November, 2000
  Former name: Craik Park and Colonia Park

Louis-Joseph-Fortin Park;
  Location : Randhill Street
  Vocation : children’s playground
  Former name: Randhill Park

James-Palmer Park;
  Location : Dunver and Lafontaine streets
  Vocation : children’s playground, rest stop
  Former name: Dunver Park

  * Dogs held in leash allowed

De la Seigneurie Park;
  Location : Woodbine and Montcalm streets
  Vocation :children’s playground, vegetation
  Former name: Woodbine Park

  * Dogs held in leash allowed

District no. 3

De Robutel

Roger-Déziel Park;
  Location : at the intersection of Laramée and Chapel streets and Sainte-Marguerite Boulevard
  Vocation : children’s playground, softball, barge
  Former name: Saint-Jean-Baptiste Park and Châteauguay Park

Albert-Einstein Park;
  Location : Albert-Einstein Boulevard and Édouard-Branly Street
  Vocation : children’s playground, vegetation, picnic tables

Charles-de Gaulle Park;

  Location : de Gaulle and Sainte-Marguerite boulevards
  Vocation : vegetation, rest stop

District no 4

De Bumbray

Georges-Étienne-Cartier Park;
  Location: Cartier and Réal streets
  Vocation : children’s playground, softball, basketball

  * Dogs held in leash allowed

Valérie-Fournel Park;
  Location: in front of croissant du Barrage on Salaberry Sud Boulevard
  Vocation : memorial, vegetation, lookout area

Yvan-Franko Park;
  Location: de Gaulle Boulevard and Desmarais Street
  Vocation : ball games, water games, barge, children’s playground
  Former name: de Gaulle Park (1969-1974)

  * Dogs held in leash allowed

Haendel Park;
  Location : Haendel Street 
  Vocation : children’s playground

Laval Park;
  Location : at the intersection of Laval and Dunn streets
  Vocation : children’s playground, vegetation, picnic tables

Josaphat-Pitre Park :
  Location: Albert and de Nicolet streets
  Vocation : children’s playground, sports, relaxation, walking

District no. 5

De Salaberry

des Acadiens Park;
  Location: Parkview Street, near Laurier Street
  Former name: Maple Park 
  Vocation : children’s playground, softball, tennis, barge, parking

de Cambrai Park;
  Location: this park runs along Saint-Joseph Boulevard, from Prince Street to Saint-Eugène Street.
  Former name: Saint-Joseph Park
  Vocation: vegetation

  * Dogs held in leash allowed

Colpron Park;
  Location: at the intersection of Dubois and Robinson streets
  Vocation : children’s playground, vegetation

  * Dogs held in leash allowed

Martineau Park;
  Location: at the intersection of Salaberry Sud Boulevard and Rachel Street
  Vocation : vegetation, rest stop, lookout area
  Feature: a trail provides access to a lookout where you can admire the river.

Joseph-Petrelli Park;
  Location: Sullivan Street
  Vocation : children’s playground
  Former name: formerly part of Sutterlin Park

Sutterlin Park;
  Location: Saint-Ferdinand and Sullivan streets
  Vocation : softball, barge
  Feature: part of this park is today the Joseph-Petrelli Park.

District no. 6

De Lang

Joseph-Laberge Park;
  Location: Salaberry Nord Boulevard, at the corner of Saint-Francis Boulevard
  Vocation : soccer, football

  * Dogs held in leash allowed

Langlois Park;
  Location: Michener and Langlois Est streets
  Vocation : children’s playground

Honoré-Mercier Park;
  Location: D’Anjou Boulevard and Normand Street
  Vocation : children’s playground, petanque, parking
  Former name: Mercier Park

Ricard Park;
  Location: du Parc-Ricard and Ashmore streets
  Vocation :children’s playground, vegetation

Vincent Park;
  Location: Vincent and Carillon streets
  Vocation : children’s playground, vegetation, slides, softball

  * Dogs held in leash allowed

District no. 7

De Le Moyne

Roméo-Bourcier Park;
  Location: Giroux and Faubert streets
  Former name: Roméo Park
  Vocation : children’s playground, rest area

Chevrefils Park;
  Location: 95 Chemin de la Haute-Rivière, behind the CSSS Trèfle d’Or
  Vocation : vegetation

de Concord Park;
  Location: Principale and Manor streets
  Vocation : children’s playground, vegetation, dog park
  Former name: West-End Park, Manor Park

Alfred-Dorais Park;
  Location: Primeau Boulveard and Richelieu Street
  Vocation : children’s playground, water games, horseshoes, basketball, slides, barge
  Former name: Yvan-Gilbert Park

Gilbert Park;
  Location: Primeau Boulevard and Saint-André Street
  Vocation : ball games
  Former name: Yvan-Gilbert Park

Hervé-Giroux Park;
  Location: chemin de la Haute-Rivière and Hervé Street
  Vocation : children’s playground, softball

Arthur-Gravel Park;
  Location: chemin de la Haute-Rivière, at the corner of Lalement Street
  Vocation : children’s playground
  Former name: Haute-Rivière Park

Léonide-Laberge Park;
  Location: Wilbrod and Maurice streets
  Vocation : vegetation, rest stop, picnic tables

  * Dogs held in leash allowed

Moïse-Prégent Park;
  Location: chemin de la Haute-Rivière, between Paré and Omer-Loiselle streets
  Vocation : petanque, shuffleboard

Saint-Denis Park;
  Location: Saint-Denis Street, at the corner of Carré Saint-Denis
  Vocation : skating rink, barge

Jean-Boyer Park;
  Location: Jules-Dumouchel street corner with Tréfflé-David street
  Vocation : children’s playground

Centre écologique Fernand-Seguin;
  Location: Brisebois Boulevard, behind Louis-Philippe-Paré Secondary School
  Vocation : walking, barge, parking, cross country skiing
  Feature: Héritage Saint-Bernard is managing the activities.
  Former name: Urbain Park

District no. 8


Joseph-Allard Park;
  Location: D’Youville Boulevard
  Vocation : children’s playground, picnic tables, rest stop, viewing area

de la Commune Park;
  Location: D’Youville Boulevard and Edmour Street
  Vocation : vegetation, picnic tables, rest stop, viewing area, walking, interpretation sites, parking, dock
  Former name: de la Commune Park now includes the former Vinand Park.

  * Dogs held in leash allowed

Garand Park;
  Location: at the intersection of Notre-Dame and Jeanne-d’Arc streets
  Vocation : children’s playground, petanque, basketball, tennis, archery, parking
  Former name: Jeanne-D’Arc Park

Isabelle Park;
  Location: at the intersection of Colpron and Lamartine streets
  Vocation : children’s playground, basketball, tennis, barge

Jean-Paul-Martineau Park;
  Location: Taylor Street, behind the former Notre-Dame-de-l’Assomption Church
  Vocation : petanque, shufflebord, horseshoes, picnic tables, barge, parking

Marcel-Seers Park;
  Location: at the intersection of D’Youville Boulevard and Girouard Street
  Vocation : water games, children’s playground, vegetation, rest stop, skating rink, soccer
  Former name: Marcel-Seers Memorial Park

  * Dogs held in leash allowed

Georges-Soyez Park;
  Location: D’Youville Boulevard and Saint-Jean Street
  Vocation : children’s playground

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