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Loan and Rental Service
Late fee
Item return chute
Loss or breakage
Purchasing suggestions and borrowing from other libraries
Collection – adult's and children's sections
Periodical database
Help for readers
Microfilm & fiche reader
Multimedia stations
Team work rooms
Genealogy room
Multipurpose room
Listening stations
Reading rooms
Member's responsibilities
Internet policy


Individuals must have a Library Card to borrow items. This card is issued free of charge to residents of the city of Châteauguay upon presentation of a piece of identification and a proof of residency.

The signature of a parent is required, at the time of registration, for young people who are less than 18 years of age. Parents are responsible for the items (books, audiovisual material, etc) borrowed or rented by their minor children.

The Library Card is required to borrow or rent items. The member is responsible for all transactions carried out with his or her card, unless they have advised the library that they have lost their card. A replacement card is available for $3.

A Library Card is also required to register for all library activities and to use the computer stations.

Category Definition Condition Fee Duration
Adult resident 18 years of age and over Proof of identity + proof of residency Free 3 years
Youth resident 0 – 17 years of age Signature of a parent + proof of identity + proof of residency Free 3 years
Adult non resident 18 years of age and over Proof of identity $70 1 year
Youth non resident 0 – 17 years of age Signature of a parent + proof of identity $70 1 year
One day pass - - $3 1 day
Community Administrator of the organization Recognition by the City of the organization + contact person Free 1 year
Teaching staff Schools in Chateauguay Proof of identity + letter attesting to the employment relationship with the school Free 1 year
Owner Business or building in Chateauguay Identity card + recent tax account Free 1 year

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Loan and Rental Service


Adult members can borrow or rent a maximum of twenty items at a time. The usual length of a loan or rental is 21 days.

Each adult member can borrow 20 items including:

  • 10 books from the general collection (literature, comic books, documentary) with no more than 3 dealing with a specific subject;
  • 1 new release (literature);
  • 1 rental book (best-seller);
  • 5 audiovisual items (compact disks, DVD, talking books, language courses, etc.)
Loan period and fines
Loan 21 days Category Number per category Rental Fee Renewal if the item is not reserved Reservation Late fee/book/day
Comic book 10 No 1 ren. / 21 days Yes $0.10
Documentary 10 (only 3 on a specific subject) No 1 ren. / 21 days Yes $0.10
Literature 10 No 1 ren. / 21 days Yes $0.10
New release 1 No No Yes $0.50
Rental book (Best-seller) 1 $3.00 No Yes $0.50
Audiovisual 5 No 1 ren. / 21 days Yes $0.20
Inter-library loan (ILL) 3 According to the lending library policy According to the lending library policy No $0.50
Children book 8 (only 3 on a specific subject) No 1 ren. / 21 days Yes $0.10
Audiovisual 1 No 1 ren. / 21 days Yes $0.20

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To allow members to have the quickest possible access to some of the most popular books (best-sellers), additional copies are available for rent.

  • Rental books: $3

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The length of a loan can be extended, once, for an additional 21 days; unless the item is already reserved by another member; or unless it is a new release or a rental book.

It is possible to take advantage of this service in person at the library, by telephone or online.

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You can reserve a document that is not available free of charge. You will receive a telephone call when the item becomes available and you will have 2 days to pick it up or the library will cancel your reservation.

It is possible to take advantage of this service in person at the library, by telephone or online.

The following fees will apply:

  • Penalty for cancelled reservation: $1

Maximum of three reservations per membership.

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Late fee

Members are responsible for borrowed items and a fine is charged for each item brought back after the return date, whether to the counter or the return chute. Late fines are calculated by day and by item.

The fee for items returned after the loan deadline:

  • For a book or periodical: $0.10 per day/item
  • For new releases, rental books (best-sellers): $0.50 per day/item 
  • For audiovisual items: $0.20 per day/item

The adult user loses his borrowing privileges as soon as he has accumulated an unpaid $10 in his file. The youth user loses his privileges if he has an amount of $8 unpaid in his file.

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Item return chute

At any time, borrowed items can be placed in the return chute located at the front of the library, close to the police station. It is preferable to put items in a bag when placed in the chute.

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Loss or damaged items

Members are responsible for the cost of replacing any item that is damaged (stained by a beverage, soaked with water, dirtied, underlines or notes written on the pages, swollen by dampness, cover broken, etc.), or lost. Administration fees ($5) are added to the cost of replacing the items along with the fines incurred.

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Purchasing suggestions and inter-library loan (ILL)

We don't have the item you are looking for? You can suggest that it is purchased or borrowed from another library.

If the purchase suggestion meets the library's selection criteria we will order the item. You can stop by the library to fill in a suggestion form, indicating the author, the exact title and the publisher. Only one suggestion per month per member will be accepted.

If the library purchases the item, the reservation policy applies:

  • Reservation cancellation penalty of $1;
  • Maximum of 3 reservations per member.

It is possible to request a book on inter-library loan (ILL) if the library does not possess it and can’t buy it. The member must however pay any charges required by the lending library.

The following fees apply for inter-library loan requests (ILL) :

  • Late fee: $0.50 per day/item
  • Penalty for cancelled request : $5
  • Loss or damaged item: According to the lending library policy.

Maximum of 3 ILL requests at a time per member.

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Our collection of more than 160,000 items is available for research, consultation or loan. The collection includes:

In the adults section

  • Non fiction books on many subject, biographies
  • Novels, essays, plays, poetry
  • Large print books
  • Comic books
  • Compact disks, DVD, talking books, language courses
  • Music sheets
  • Magazines and newspapers
  • Reference works
  • Dictionaries, encyclopaedias, maps and atlases
  • A section on regional history, including municipal information and a collection of regional newspapers
  • An archives section
  • A genealogy section

In the children section

  • Cardboard books for the very young
  • Picture books, stories, novels, plays, poetry
  • Non fiction books on various subjects, biographies
  • Comic books
  • Compact disks, DVD, talking books, language courses
  • Reference works
  • Dictionaries, encyclopedias
  • Magazines

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Nearly 250 magazines and newspapers are available for consultation on site. The issues for current year are available on the stands set aside for the purpose. Back issues are kept for research purposes in the "periodicals storage" room located on the ground floor.

Periodical database

The library has a database of the newspaper and magazine articles available for research purposes, for consulting and printing.

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Help for readers

Are you looking for a particular book? Do you need information on a given subject? The library personnel are available to guide you in you search, to help you find an item, to help you to use the databases and programs at your disposal.

Do not hesitate to consult the personnel at the readers help desk located on the second floor.

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Microfilm & fiche reader

The library has a reader for the microfilm and microfiche in its collection. It is possible to print documents. 


There are three black and white and color photocopiers available at the library, one on each floor.

The following costs apply : 

Document Price/page
Black and white format $0.15
Color format $0.25

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Multimedia stations

The library has workstations that are available to members giving access to the Internet, to various computer programs, including Word and Excel and to several specialized databases. The conditions for using these stations are available at the reception counter located on the ground floor. Printing is available at a cost of $0.15 per sheet.

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Team work rooms

For group research projects, users can reserve a work room one (1) week in advance, either in person or by telephone. These rooms are reserved for groups of four (4) to six (6) individuals and the minimum age required to make a reservation is fourteen (14).

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Genealogy room

Members of the Société de généalogie de Châteauguay are available to provide support to anyone who would like to do genealogical research. This room also provides access to a specialized collection aside from that which belongs to the library. You can reach society members at (450) 698-3082 during the business set out for this room.

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Multipurpose room

This room is intended for activities offered for young people as well as adults: Internet for beginners, story time, introduction to the library, book club, etc. The schedule of activities is available at the reception desk located on the ground floor.

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Listening stations

Six (6) listening stations, located on the ground floor, will allow you to make your reading time even more pleasant by letting you listen to a compact disk that you have previously registered at the service counter.

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Reading rooms

There are rooms located on each floor where you can relax and leaf through a magazine, read, browse or work.

Member's responsibilities

The items in the library are the property of all of the residents of the City of Châteauguay, all of the members must:

  • register the items that they are taking out of the library
  • maintain the items they are using in good condition 
  • pay for lost or damaged items

The library is a place for intellectual work, users must not:

  • behave in a manner that will bother others
  • use a cell phone or eat.

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Internet policy

Goal: This policy is intended to set out the conditions for accessing the "Internet" workstations.

The library makes workstations with access to the Internet available to its members. This tool offers access to a world of information that is enriching for people of all ages. However, it also provides information that may be erroneous, incomplete or out-dated. Furthermore, some information may be judged to be controversial, offensive or immoral.

The workstations are equipped with a program that filters the Internet. This program prohibits access to sites that may be offensive for some users of the library.

The library has no control over the content presented on the Internet and encourages the user to verify the information found there.

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The workstations are available during the library's business hours without reservation. The amount of time you can consult the Internet is limited to two (2) hours per day, per user.

The costs of consulting and printing are set out in the fee policy.

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The Reader's Assistance service gives priority to documentary searches from amongst the collections in the library, however, if time allows it can also provide technical support and timely assistance to help or explain the basic functions of the search program, but it cannot offer personalized training.

Learning tools and guides explaining the various functions of the search program is available at the library.

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  • The user is responsible for any damage or breakage caused to the equipment or programs.
  • The user agrees not to use, consult or print material from the Internet for illicit or commercial purposes (pornography, harassment, propaganda, virus, plagiarism, etc.)

The user that disregards the rules will lose their privileges indefinitely.

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