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Ville de Châteauguay’s Update on the Management of Its Ecocentre

Jeudi, 24 octobre, 2019

Châteauguay, October 24, 2019  ̶  Further to the audit process initiated on by the Autorité des marchés publics (AMP) and the decision made by Ville de Châteauguay to temporarily terminate the service contract binding it to Conteneurs Rouville, the municipality would like to issue an update on the management of its ecocentre.

The AMP has not undertaken an investigation, but rather a process to audit the awarding of the management contract for the ecocentre by Ville de Châteauguay. To co-operate with the AMP’s audit process, the City decided to suspend its contract with Conteneurs Rouville.

“I hope this audit will be concluded quickly, and I trust that activities can be started up again. The service is necessary for Châteauguay residents, and we will make every effort to provide it,” stated the Mayor of Châteauguay, Pierre-Paul Routhier.

It is impossible to know at this time how long it will take the AMP to complete its audits. However, the City has already started a reflection process and is currently evaluating the feasibility of several options for offering the services provided by the ecocentre, including the preparation of a call for tenders (for the transportation and recycling of waste materials) and the awarding of a management contract for the ecocentre to one or more non-profit organizations.

Remember that, effective Tuesday, October 22, residents will still be able to use the recuperation services offered on the site for a fee that they must pay directly to the service provider.

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