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Contamination or shortage of drinking water

The contamination or shortage of drinking water can occur in any municipality, including yours.

Contamination can occur following a water main break, flooding, chemical spill or the presence of blue-green algae in a body of water that flows into the drinking water reservoir.

Shortage of drinking water may be caused by prolonged electricity outage or by major drought.

What to do when your municipality issues a notice of water contamination 

Follow the directives issued by the authorities. Often, the notice demands the boiling of water for at least one minute before drinking. In certain cases of contamination, you should only drink bottled water.

Do you have doubts about the quality of water flowing from your tap?

If you are served by an aqueduct network, call your municipality. Know that samples are taken in the aqueduct network regularly in order to ensure that the water is safe for your health.

What to do in case of the shortage of drinking water

Follow the directives of the municipality. The directives should inform you about the state of the situation and on how to obtain drinking water. 

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